Mike Westcott Bio

A Washington DC area native, Mike's earlier years were spent entirely on a backdrop of music. With working musician parents he was able to spend his youth performing on the stage, learning from legendary DC area musicians.

Mike Westcott Band's Atomic Blues has a powerful energy to it thanks to the efforts of Jay Turner - Bass, Chris Brooks - Keys, Jean-Paul Gaster - Drums, and Mike Westcott - Guitar and Vocals. Atomic Blues is a blues record with deep influences to classic rock, blues rock, and much more. Atomic Blues was recorded "live" in one day and mixed in one day at Magpie Cage Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD. by J Robbins. Available only on Bandcamp for a limited time and coming to iTunes and Spotify later this year. 

Mike Westcott has a plethora of other music, including his deeply personal album, Justice Road, along with various albums, singles and videos. Most of this music is currently available iTunes, Bandcamp, YouTube and more.